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It's been a long time! I always say that, hehe.

So, the boy and I got married in June. It was pretty amazing. Won't bore you with pics as they're on my facebook and some of you were there, but yes, I am now Mrs Pellett. It's a little bit weird as I mostly feel 18 still. Florida was ah-may-zing, the best holiday I've ever had ever. I still ache for it a bit because it was just so damn fabulous. We went to Universal, Islands of Adventure, Busch Gardens (I chickened out on Sheikra), Seaworld, the water park Aquatica in a thunderstorm, the mall (twice), mini golf, a natural park, airboating in the swamps and swimming with wild manatees in a lake (had to get out sharpish when a gator appeared though). We experienced torrential thunderstorms and I lost a flip flop when it went shooting off down the "river" that appeared in the middle of the road. We ate, but not too much because it was a 45 degree heat index. We walked, walked, walked, and watched the football with fellow brits in a sports bar with a bucket of bud. And really just enjoyed being married.
I managed to lose 2 golf balls in mini golf into a lagoon, at which point Matthew went to the counter and was like "My wife has lost the balls," which had me in hysterics because nobody called me a wife before.

I got promoted at work when I came home, which was nice, and the money is certainly useful. I'm kinda in charge of my own team, but it's not as regimented as that and I'm sorta the boss of everyone, except Sarah who is my boss. Anyway... still there, still like it for now. I'm not ambitious but I feel like I could be, given time.

What else... well my parents are coming down later this month. They were meant to come for my 26th birthday, but had to postpone. Then a work friend leaves to go travelling, my best friend Sarah who was a bridesmaid is staying the weekend, we're seeing Jimmy Eat World on the 14th November, and going to London with Matt's parents for a weekend to see shows, wander Hyde Park and do the Christmas market. Then, holy shit, it's Christmas again.

It's also past 5 years since I started this journal. Whoa.

And finally, my current TV obsessions are:

One Tree Hill season 8
Gossip Girl season 4
Dexter season 4
Chuck season 3 (just ended)
The Inbetweeners
The Apprentice
The X Factor
and I'm considering Hellcats. Anyone?

Most recent film was 500 Days of Summer and it was damn depressing.

Mar. 26th, 2010

It's been 3 months! Oops. In promising myself I'd write more even if it's drivel, I suck.

Well, I'm getting married in 78 days. Unfortunately this means I have to be a Pellett for the rest of my life. I'm still campaigning for Pellwood to become a dynasty, but no dice. At least I'll have less people mis-spelling my name (you'd think). I definitely want to do the name change thing otherwise letters will have to be addressed to Mr M Pellet and Mrs L Ellwood. Plus having "L Ellwood" has always annoyed me because people write down "L. Wood" for my name.

It turns out the new Harry Potter section of Universal Studios opens 3 days after we get to Florida, which is complete coincidence and extremely fortunate because, though I'm not the biggest fan ever, it would have been a shame to miss out.

Most of the RSVPs have come back now with very few nos which we were really pleased about - there's always this part of you that worries people won't want to come celebrate, especially when it's so far!
Christmas with a chronic respiratory infection. Ohhhh yeaaaaah. Christmas dinner was apparently nomtastic; I couldn't really taste it.

Anywhay... Christmas and presents and giving the ratbums a dinner was lovely. Today I was sale bound and got 2 pairs of jeans, a cardigan, Next PJ bottoms, TBS stuff, Soap and Glory stuff, and an iron. Woo. Then we came home and ordered a Toast N Egg toaster and a really cool Black and Decker mini vac thing for the stairs. Have impending marriage, will buy house stuff.

Oh and some GHDs. I have blocked them out because they have not yet been charged to my account and they cost so fricking much money but my hair is being ruined to death by my supposedly as good Babyliss Pro 230 ones and I will not have fried hair at my wedding.

I could not go to Lush because there were no trains, parking would have cost me a tenner, and quite frankly being elbowed in the face by chavs wanting to get free hatboxes to put on eBay is not worth it.

Work sent me home on the 23rd and at this rate I won't be back on the 29th because everytime I leave the house I come back and fall asleep from exertion. Bah.

Best gifts included a Soap and Glory hatbox, Another Code R for the Wii, a Radley purse, scottie slippers, bracelet, Kurt Cobain book, House of Night book, purple patent leather handbag, and a Muji weather station.

Merry belated Xmas everyone and to all a good weekend, thing.
Hellooo. I am tired and it is cold. I have to be a grownup in probably an hour or so because I have to go get Matt from the train on the way back from PRmageddon. Yes it's only down the road but damnit I am in my pyjamas! Oh well. Shove a hoody on the top and off I go. This is what happens when you can drive.
So work is tiring. I took over someone else's job (sounding familiar...) but I actually like this one so that's ok. But oh dear lord, I am in charge of spotting fraud and processing payments and all that good complicated stuff now. Oh, I also trained for 3 days last week and am now a fully certified first aider. I always wanted to be able to, you know, save an old lady in the street or help Matt if he collapses from asthma/nut allergy/breaking his teeth on a piece of cereal so now I can. The casualty simulation with fake blood and someone going blue and stopping breathing was kinda icky though. In real life I'd probably faint... speaking of which I did faint, 2 weeks ago in Trowbridge train station after running for the train. First time ever. Some bloke standing behind me caught me on the way down otherwise blood and concussion would have been the order of the day. Because I'm hardcore (read: stubborn) I got up and we went to the zoo and for food and cinema anyway. Ha.
In other news... um... *thirty second pause* Nope, I got nothing. Although Phil (Little) came this weekend which was awesome and we are muchly looking forward to his best man speech. And I've had my dress fitted now. I want to post pictures but it's meant to be a surprise. :(
In a week and a half we go to London to see Lion King and Phantom of the Opera, with fun and exciting bits inbetween, and I have the Monday off and then it's practically Christmas.
In 12 days, it's mine and Pellett's 5 and a half year iversary. We're practically the same person by now but with different body parts.
Um yeah. So How Are Things? Ok, it seems. Pretty darn good. The wedding is coming together nicely - it's pretty much 8 months away which means we're already 4 months into planning. Gulp! Next thing is dress and suit fittings in November, and things like stationery and music. And of course booking our 10 day Florida honeymoon!
Work is good... this weekend though we're having a total weekend to ourselves, just us, because Laura was here last weekend and I hadn't seen her in 2.5 years so spent all my time with just her and Matt worked all last weekend and both of us have hit total burnout. So. No freelance or whatever, just us 2 for 3 glorious days (Monday is day off central).
In other news The Hills is back, I'm very much enjoying the Selena Gomez album in my car, and the X Factor live shoes start tomorrow YAAAAY! I reckon those awful twins will be first to go.

Aug. 13th, 2009

I am a baaad updater. Anywho. Still on reduced hours at work for another 3 weeks, however tomorrow is Maya and Kev's wedding, next Friday I'm wedding dress shopping for meeee, and then I've got the Monday off to travel back... and that's it. So, Glindon, I shall have to come up sometime later on in the year I'm afraid when I actually have some money! What else, London was fab, our little car had its MOT, failed, and had to have a new coil spring fitted for £100, then passed. My grandad's wife attempted suicide 2 weeks ago, and I have to go visit her when I'm up next week which is going to be hard because I'm having trouble getting past the whole anger thing. I'm being moved teams at work, which sucks, but everything else there is going good and I'm getting to offload France onto someone else so whatevs. My mum ripped her arm open this week, and has sent me some very gory pictures! Matthew was nominated for a Games Media Award, I got this year's free boots from work (Venice, black suede, over the knee, luffly). The rats are cool, as is Bracken. And erm... Jennifer's been down, and Laura is coming to visit in October and I haven't seen her in 2 years.
Here we are, Friday again. I guess I'm about... 2 months into reduced working hours. The days off are lovely, the pay is not. Jennifer is coming down the weekend before payday and I'm seriously thinking I may have to borrow some cash from Matt as they took away my graduate overdraft this month! Ah well. This should be a cheap weekend as we're going to London Saturday til Sunday for Matthew's birthday and his parents are paying for everything (they're coming too obviously). We're going to see Les Miserables and staying in a hotel. I'm really excited, having been nowhere near London since we did the Monopoly Run in first year!

What else... the rats are fully grown and very cute, even if they do try and climb into your mouth/ears/hair/bra. Either they really love us or we just seem like a warm and safe place to hide!

New DUO collection launches sooooon... oh yes. And I have NO idea what my role is going to be over the winter season, watch this space I guess...

Jun. 21st, 2009

Sooo... we have set a date! 13th June 2010! We went to look at the Hey Green Hotel in Marsden on Friday and instantly fell in love with it. We'd already decided on a civil ceremony and to get married on a Sunday, and when it happened that our 6th anniversary was on a Sunday we decided to go for it. Tomorrow my mum, being local, is phoning the registrar to confirm someone to come and make me Mrs Pellett!
Honestly, it's really beautiful. Out of the village down a long and windy road, with lakes and hills and nobody and nothing within sight. We get the whole country house to ourselves and the bridal suite has this GIANT jacuzzi in it.
Eeee! I'm not normally girly but I'm SO excited!

We drove up to Huddersfield (well Matt did most of it) on Thursday and back down tonight for the first time. It's 220 miles, 4 hours, and our little car handled it nicely.
Tomorrow, for those who were there at the beginning, is our 5 year anniversary and 2 years since we got engaged. Unbelievable really!
I just worked the DUO Warehouse Sale 9 til 5. I am so incredibly tired. I forgot how much I hate retail! It was like the Next sale on Boxing Day, srsly. I did get 4 pairs of Bronx shoes for £25.I am proud. 2 are wedge of which I had none, so I can say I needed them... Impressed so far with Big Brother due to the people being normal and a bit likeable, and.. that's it. My laptop died 3 weeks ago and I'm starting to get a bit pissed now as it went away for a repair that was supposed to take 10 days, back in mid May. Hmph. Hence lack of updates.



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